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Being a first time puppy owner, 

I went through dozens of toys not knowing that to my dog, there was no such thing as a indestructible toy. Every week, I was buying brand new toys that would last a day at the hands of my little chomper. Eventually, I ran out of toys (and money) and took out an old t-shirt to play tug-o-war. From then, all he wanted was the t-shirt and not the fancy new toys.


So I thought why fight it?

Why don't I make an affordable, toy using recycled materials that not only offers a dog-friendly shape, but is good for the planet and your pocket? And so was created the Octopup. We are committed to bringing this toy not only to the general canine population, but offering donations to our local Brooklyn Shelters and Rescues.

I hope you and your four-legged friend enjoy this pet and planet friendly toy!

- Jennifer (creator) and River (the Rover)

Jen and River
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